2. The technical office. For every challenge a solution

Where does a solution come from? In the beginning there is a practical need, a technical challenge to be accepted. A challenge that in the history of Isoli comes, many times, directly from those who use the means, every day.

To every challenge there is a solution. The difficult job is to make it emerge. The design office is the workshop where challenges develop and evolve. And they turn into solutions.

The ingredients are simple: a team – technical director, structural engineers, product designers, experts in hydraulics, electrotechnology and electronics, a technician in charge of approvals and manuals – a few sketches on a sheet of paper, but above all computers and software programmes – the most advanced: three-dimensional drawing programmes.

And then the calculations: every structural detail is refined by continuous work. turning ideas into solutions. To reach higher, to be lighter, safer, stronger, more effective. And contain costs. Here, just a few steps from the office, all these solutions become machines, concrete, robust, agile and beautiful.

A functional beauty, which comes from attention and care. From a challenge won.