5. The workshop. Teamwork

Behind the machines are the people. And the people at Isoli work as a team. Traditionally, teams of three: a plumber, a mechanical fitter, and an electrician. They take care of the creation of a vehicle from the beginning to the end, organized by work areas.

We always know who carried out every single operation, who created every single vehicle. In recent years, for the models most in demand on the market, a production system developed along an assembly line is being developed.

Along the line, the processing of a batch of machines proceeds step by step, in various phases: the first with the plumber, then the electrical part, finally the carpentry part with the mechanical fitter.

The system is part of the “Isoli system” project, which accompanies the renewal of the company with the introduction of the Lean method. On the assembly line, processing is optimized by coordinating and balancing all phases in the best possible way, from the arrival of materials to meeting delivery times.

Objective: to increase productivity, maintaining dedication to every single vehicle. In the workshop of the future, the values of the workshop remain valid: the role of manual knowledge and experience is fundamental and team spirit is even more important.

In the workshop of the future, each person along the line is multi-skilled, has multiple specializations, is able to carry out the basic operations of another job to assist a colleague. A program of exchanges and training courses follows to update and maintain professionalism and skills. Because in Isoli it is the people who make the difference.