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To improve your browsing experience and make our site more user-friendly, we use cookies. Cookies are short fragments of text (letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to store information on the client software (the browser) which will be used during the same site visit (session cookies) or later on, even after a few days (persistent cookies). Cookies are stored, based on user preferences, by the individual browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

While browsing a website, the user can also receive cookies on their browser that are sent from different sites or web servers (i.e. “third party cookies”), on which some items may reside (e.g. images, maps, sound, specific links to pages in other domains) available on the site being navigated.

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Cookies that we use
Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used for the sole purpose of “transmitting a message over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of any information company service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide this service”(see art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Policy).

The use of these cookies does NOT allow the acquisition of personal identification data of the user.

Persistent technical cookies are used on our site to avoid having to show the information bar on the use of cookies to a user who has read about and accepted the use of cookies by hitting the “OK I agree” button.
Third-party analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to collect and analyse data on site traffic and use anonymously. These cookies are designed to detect, albeit without identifying the user, the most visited pages of the site, whether error messages are received from web pages or repeat visits by the same user. They also allow system monitoring and performance and user-friendliness improvements. These cookies can be deactivated without any loss of functionality.

Analytical cookies collect anonymous data that do NOT enable user profiling, nor can they be used for commercial or marketing purposes.

This site uses in particular the analytical cookies of Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). These are therefore third-party analytical cookies collected and managed anonymously to monitor and improve the performance of our site.

Google Analytics uses “cookies” to collect and analyse anonymous information regarding trends in the use of our website (including users’ IP addresses). This information is collected by Google Analytics, which processes it for the purpose of creating reports on website activity. This site does not use (and does not allow third parties to use) the Google analyser tool to monitor or collect personal identification information. Google does not associate IP addresses with any other data owned by Google nor will it attempt to link an IP address to the identity of a user. Google may also communicate this information to third parties should this be required by law or if such third parties are appointed to process the aforementioned information on behalf of Google.

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Third-party cookies

On this site we use third-party cookies depending on the availability of “social plugins” for Facebook. The most common purpose of these “social plugins” is to share content on social networks.

The presence of these plugins implies the transmission of cookies to and from all sites managed by third parties, i.e. the social networks mentioned above. The management of information collected by “third parties” is governed by the applicable policies to which reference should be made. For better transparency and convenience, here are the links to the various information policies.

Management of cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change the settings of your browser so that you are informed when any cookies are sent. You can also delete cookies that have already been stored at any time.
Information on how to manage cookies in the various browsers is available on the following pages.