6. The platforms. Defy gravity

An intuition from the 1980s turns into a great challenge in continuous evolution: platforms for working at height and cantilevered.

A complex work of design, construction and testing in which nothing can be left to chance, to defy the laws of gravity in maximum safety, thinking of the people who have to work up there.

These painstaking tuning operations have changed over the years.

Once they took place in the workshop, today they are resolved first of all in the design phase. Because the more detailed the design, the more you are able to foresee problems and their solutions, the more effective the production work will be on the shop floor.

Difficult, for those who don’t know, to realize the amount of calculations that are behind every single detail. Even the bracket that supports an accessory is calculated by the gram to obtain maximum lightness together with maximum resistance.

In the design of platforms, a big help came in the early 2000s from the advent of 3D design programs and assisted calculation.

And the platforms have changed in 20 years: they allow you to work on two floors of a house higher up, while weighing 300 kilos less.

Thus, light, agile vehicles can be used, to be driven with a B license which make the product more accessible.