7. The testing. Safety first

Something important is accompanying us in every stage of our visit. Ever since we geared up for our company ride.

Isoli is above all safety and each vehicle is subjected to careful testing. There are people dedicated to the final testing of each product. Some operations are already carried out online: turning on, raising and lowering the machine, opening and closing the stabilizers…

During testing, each vehicle is set up with stickers, work diagrams, and finally tested for all the required characteristics. For example, for each platform, the work areas, the response to the weights in the basket, the meters of outreach, and so on are physically tested.

Once this stage is over, the machine goes to the paint shop for the final touches; then it is washed and cleaned internally. This brings us to the moment of pre-delivery, i.e. a further test by the person who will then have the task of illustrating and delivering the product to the final customer.