10. The square. A quality to be touched by hand

In the square of the Isoli plant, between the office building and the workshops, the quality guaranteed by the Isoli brand can really be touched.

All the variety of products ready for delivery is displayed here. There are also vehicles waiting to be set up according to specific needs; a service that Isoli offers to customers to guarantee savings in terms of money and time.

Each vehicle lets you imagine the multiplicity of operations it will be able to carry out: transport, lifting, recovery, removal; electrical maintenance, green maintenance; construction and industrial activities.

In some we recognize responses to requests from an individual customer. All reliable, safe, indestructible, long-lasting. After the tour of the company we can understand the pride of those who are accompanying us.

We can understand why this five-letter word, the family name, is the guarantee of a pact between whoever produced and who will use each of these means. Being side by side, because those who offer help never stop.