8. Rescue trucks. A cure that makes the difference

Always ready at any time of day, in any weather condition, the rescue trucks never stop. It was 1963 when Isoli began collaborating with the Italian Automobile Club for the production of small, extremely agile mobile cranes. Since then, rescue trucks have been constantly evolving.

They have transformed step by step with the transformation and growth of the car market and the development of the road network, maintaining a constant goal: to solve ever-changing problems in the fastest and safest way.

And so, from the first small-scale prototypes we have arrived at the current vehicles, increasingly efficient and innovative, the result of internal research and the ever-open dialogue with the needs of those who are on the road every day, to provide assistance.

Today the wagons are lighter – since 2009 the platforms and many other parts are in aluminum, while once the vehicles were only in steel – and work is being done to improve some details – such as the angles of attack -, in a continuous application of always new solutions.

Research in Isoli combines safety, functionality and beauty. First of all, safety, because whoever brings help must always intervene, in all conditions.

Functionality, because the practical aspect is essential for those who work every day with their vehicle on the road.

And beauty, which is found in so many details: the lights, for example, very important from a practical point of view when you have to work at night, but which also create an undeniable aesthetic effect.

And then the accuracy of the finishes, the shapes, the color and the brand, always recognizable. Details that speak of a general attitude of care towards all aspects of a product

A care that, over time and through all the variables encountered in the work, makes the difference.

Isoli vehicles reflect the seriousness of a company that is a guarantee of reliability and that every day renews its ethical commitment towards products and customers.