Isoli Open Museum

The Isoli Open Museum was created with the aim of accompanying the visitor on a remote journey to get to know the physical spaces of our company from within.

A multimedia journey that goes through the story of a company, its territory and the many people who have contributed to making it a great reality with their work.

A modern and dynamic way to understand how the founding spirit of the three brothers Gino, Rino and Attilio is still reflected in the care with which Isoli vehicles are designed and manufactured.

This itinerary is dedicated to visitors, customers, employees and all the people who have participated in the construction of the cultural heritage of which Isoli can be proud today.

A great heritage made of work, commitment and passion.

la storia

1. The History >

technical office

2. The Technical Office >

3. Fontaniva, the Brenta, the world

3. Fontaniva, the Brenta, world >

4. The warehouse

4. The warehouse >

the workshop

5. The Workshop >

the platforms

6. The Platforms >

the testing

7. The Testing >

rescue trucks

8. Rescue Trucks >

special arrangements

9. Special Arrangements >

the square

10. The Square >


11. The Crane of ’52 >