Who We Are

We are past, present and future in the market of aerial platforms and rescue trucks.

Isoli S.p.a. was born in 1946 and, within a short time, established itself as an important company for the design, production and assembly of lifting kits for any aerial platform, tow truck and special equipment, always guaranteeing high quality standards.

A leading player on the world market for years, it is appreciated for its quality, reliability and innovation. Its factory, which extends over a large area of ​​77,500 m2, hosts a staff of 120 professionals who are always ready to design and create new high-performance cutting-edge solutions, thanks to the great know-how acquired over the years.

Immediately after the post-World War II years, heavy goods vehicles were essential to improve and speed up transport while Italy was being rebuilt. Men were needed with broad shoulders, brilliant insights and sharp ideas. This is the background from which Isoli sprang, before becoming in time a top industry player – capable of meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving market such as that of aerial work platform, tow truck and special vehicle equipment manufacturing.

For Isoli, the future is built day after day, starting from a present trend of constant growth and renewal. For its ideas, expertise, workforce, production means and projects, as well as organisation, it has been ISO 9001-certified since 1996. This is why massive computerisation of design and production processes has always played a leading role; this includes the adoption of new technologies able to offer customers the best possible solutions based on their specific needs.

Isoli can boast today an increasingly strong and solid foreign market penetration, e.g. in Western and Eastern Europe, and in the Middle and the Far East. For this reason, the company was keen to introduce new managerial figures who, with their advanced skills, would support its international relaunch, helping Isoli to export everywhere in the world its high quality standards – ranging from the design phase to platform assembling for any type of aerial work platform, tow truck and special equipment.

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Professional systems for any rescue vehicle and aerial platform

We create high quality products designed to combine stability, efficiency and originality of design: we guarantee our customers customized solutions for their every need, creating ad hoc lifting kits for any type of aerial platform, tow truck or special equipment. The flexibility of the design, in fact, allows us to satisfy all the specific needs expressed by a constantly evolving market.


In every part of the world, expertise and knowledge for high quality lifting and rescue kits

Making the quality, experience and reliability that have made us, for over seventy years, synonymous with efficiency and technological research known throughout the world. A point of reference in the design, production and assembly of lifting platforms, we make your work even safer and more efficient, with our kits for aerial platforms, roadside assistance vehicles and equipment for special structures.