1. History. The values of a tradition

Post-World War II.
There is an Italy to rebuild, an Italy that is all a construction site.
There are materials to be transported, loaded, unloaded.
There are three mechanic enthusiasts, three brothers, Gino, Attilio and Rino, and a village on the bank of the Brenta where sand and gravel are quarried.
They load and unload by hand.
The Isoli brothers have eyes, which see, and hands that can shape ideas.
Hands that cannot stand still, like those of millions of young people throughout that reborn Italy.
A hydraulic piston, a lever, and with a single gesture the whole caisson is unloaded,
making hours of toil vanish.
But that’s not enough, along with the desire to work, there is also the desire to forget the war years.
And here are the Isoli brothers grappling with the challenge of making an oil-driven merry-go-round.
We like to think that, perhaps, it was working on those articulated arms that gave birth to the idea of the first truck crane.
In the Officine Costruzioni Meccaniche (Mechanical Construction Workshops) of the early years, you work in the yard, among the cut sheet metal, the sparks from the welder, the smell of iron.
Work is done every day, even on Saturdays and sometimes on Sunday mornings.

The company grows, with a new headquarters, equipped areas, state-of-the-art machinery.
Important customers arrive, Fiat, Lancia, OM, Alfa Romeo, Ford;
new products are born, in addition to cranes, excavators, elevators, hydraulic shovels,

And here are the rescue wagons for the Aci;
a true icon of the new roads and highways beginning to connect Italy.

Children and grandchildren come to the company to learn the trade, to attach themselves to the work:
a new generation,
the one that inaugurated in the 1970s the current headquarters:
nearly 80,000 sq. m. in size, a staff of about 120 people,
who then as now are almost all from Fontaniva and the surrounding area.
In 1979 Isoli S.p.A. was born.
with new orders for the military logistics sector, the first aerial platforms,
the opening to the European market;
and, in the present day, the expansion into the market in the East.
Today in running the company, alongside the Isoli family, there is a team of collaborators
who share the same principles and passion.
A team always at the forefront, sharing the values of this great tradition:
determination, responsibility, reliability.
The foundations that make it possible to push higher and higher and farther.