PNT200 Stability First!

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PNT200 Stability First!

Since the acquisition of the Italian company ISOLI by the international KLUBB Group in October 2022, the Group has extended its product range for companies specialising in the rental of light vehicles (>3.5 tonnes).

For this purpose, the Group has developed a whole range of aerial work platforms mainly dedicated to the rental sector. The new flagship model of this range, the PNT200H, is now available. This model is particularly sought after in Europe for its ease of use and performance.

This aerial platform, designed to be mounted on 3.5T chassis cab vehicles, has been specially designed for the rental sector, and for professionals who are looking for a boom lift, to help them in their daily tasks, and reach work areas that are sometimes difficult to access because of the need to climb over obstacles (electrical cables, tree branches, scaffolding…).

The range of articulated platforms produced by Isoli offers working heights ranging from 20 metres to 24 metres on light vehicles. These models, including the PNT200H, are very popular as they allow rapid deployment of the arm and boom, while guaranteeing a suitable working height for all types of urban jobs.

A vehicle fitted with an articulated boom lift, such as the PNT200H model, always has outriggers to anchor it to the ground during operation. In this case, the outriggers are within the frame, which means that the vehicle takes up a minimum of space on the ground. This is especially beneficial when carrying out interventions in remote or sometimes difficult to access areas.

This is a great advantage for specialists in the rental of utility vehicles. These platforms are easily handled off-road and are specially designed for off-road use, making them suitable for use on construction sites and rough terrain areas. basket

isoli-PNT200The entire range of KLUBB Group’s articulating aerial platforms are easily accessible to anyone for ‘basic’ use as well as for more ‘sophisticated’ or specific manoeuvres. They are equipped with easy-to-use controls to enable personnel to operate and handle them safely and to position the work platform precisely at the desired height.

This platform has a space-saving front basket attachment, that makes it easy to position the basket at height. The PNT200H also has a high load capacity: the articulating aerial platforms are designed to carry users (2-person basket) as well as equipment, making them ideal for construction and maintenance work where tools and equipment need to be transported to working height.

The PNT200H is also equipped with electro-hydraulic controls and its articulated boom can reach a working height of 20 metres, while guaranteeing a working offset of 9 metres. Unlike telescopic platforms that do not have double articulation, they offer a greater degree of freedom than their competitors. This makes them more suitable for working at heights that are difficult to access. This articulated design offers great versatility and mobility in tight spaces. However, the articulated arm, which offers smoother movements, requires additional cylinders.

The PNT200 range of aerial work platforms developed by Isoli offers a variety of practical and efficient machines and are recommended for use in the construction, pruning and industrial sectors, as they offer greater flexibility. The arm, which folds out, makes it possible to reach areas over obstacles rather than under them. It also allows you to work on the same point and move horizontally or vertically more easily.

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