Paul Murphy appointed CEO of ISOLI

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Paul Murphy appointed CEO of ISOLI

paul murphy ceo isoli

Klubb Group has appointed CPL’s Paul Murphy as CEO of Isoli.

Isoli joined Klubb Group in 2022, and since then the business has been growing fast both in Italy & Europe.

Paul has successfully led CPL, part of Klubb Group, to become a leading player for Access Equipment in the UK market and the plan is to use his experience to replicate this with Isoli in Italy. His appointment is a natural choice in the Group.

Paul Murphy said “I am excited for a new challenge. My team in the UK is phenomenal, and I trust them to continue to excel at what they do best. I would like to extend the same level of trust, teamwork and excellence with the exceptional group at Isoli’’.

Paul will continue to head up CPL, with a great team of Directors and Managers in place. Isoli are actively looking for a General Manager or Managing Director to come onboard as soon as possible to work alongside Paul.

Julien Bourrellis, Klubb Group CEO said “Paul and I have been partners for several years now, and I am very proud of the work CPL have done. Isoli deserves to be led by someone with the same integrity and pride, so who better to do it.”

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