What are the main advantages of an electrically powered platform?

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What are the main advantages of an electrically powered platform?

Battery powered access platforms are the key to reducing your emissions while working at height.

Green-PackSince the integration with Klubb, Isoli has been able to update most of its vehicles, adopting the modern “Green Pack” technology, designed to operate the boom of diesel platforms via the battery when the vehicle is off. This highly technological system makes it possible to considerably reduce CO2 emissions during work at height, further safeguarding the planet and, at the same time, also engine wear.

Here are the main advantages of Green pack technology:

  • Environmental impact: today many organizations and authorities are asking companies to bring their contribution in reducing carbon emissions. Green Pack technology is our answer to this need and brings us ever closer to becoming a “green” reality;
  • Noise pollution reduction: the electric platforms work even when the vehicle engine is off, representing the ideal solution for all those jobs that have to be carried out at night or in sensitive areas;
  • Operation in closed places: thanks to the possibility of using the platform even when the vehicle engine is off, it is possible to work in internal places and structures without any problems;
  • Engine wear: the advantages of electric platforms are innumerable as, with the possibility of working with the engine off, the particulate filter of the new Euro 6 engines avoids clogging, reducing maintenance costs for rental fleets and reducing hours of work of vehicles in case of resale;
  • Operating costs – Precise data and tests on electric platforms are not currently available, but if we assume that the average amount of fuel consumed with the engine idling is 0.2 liters every 10 minutes we can estimate*:

Here are the main advantages of Green pack technology:

  •  0.2 liters of fuel are consumed every 10 minutes
  •  1.2 liters of fuel are consumed every hour
  •  4.8 liters of fuel are consumed every day (on an average daily use of the vehicle)o 24 liters are consumed every week (based on a 5 day work week)
  •  101 liters are consumed each month (based on 21 working days)
  •  1,200 liters are consumed annually (based on 50 working weeks)

If we multiply the current cost of diesel, which is at least €1.50 per litre, by 1,200 liters consumed in a year of work, we obtain savings of €1,800 per year in fuel. Furthermore, if we consider that most of the access platforms are used for 5-7 years, the savings in fuel costs amount to €9,000. Therefore, based on a Green Pack that recharges while driving, although the price of fuel is destined to increase over time, the cost of purchasing a Green Pack technology can be repaid in less than 2 years.

Contact us to find out more about our range of fully electric van stands and Green Pack options for work at height platforms.

Isoli, always on the front line.

* The above cost analysis has not been tested/proven and any savings achieved are theoretical and based on internally calculated information.

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