The New Range of Van Mounted Platforms

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The New Range of Van Mounted Platforms


An absolute novelty for the Italian market, Isoli is launching the new range of vans with baskets to make any maintenance operation at height even more agile and quick.

Light vehicles, thanks to research and innovative materials, which allow you to work in a practical way, having everything you need behind you.

A range, from 9 to 15 metres, of highly performing products which revolutionize the way of working at height, making it ever easier and even safer!

3 good reasons to choose a van with basket


The spaces made available by the van allow you to intervene with a single vehicle, having all the tools necessary for your work at your disposal. The compact dimensions allow you to move easily in any urban context. Furthermore, the large surfaces of the van can be used to promote your business.


Arm in aluminum and innovative materials to reduce weight, increasing load capacity. Most of our platform vans do not need stabilizers, allowing you to intervene without interruptions and faster, while maintaining safety standards at the highest level.


Equipped on full-electric or hybrid vehicles, Isoli vans with baskets allow access without problems even in urban centres, thus reducing CO2 emissions into the environment. Furthermore, through the optional green pack, even traditional vehicles can operate with the engine off, thus further reducing emissions.

One vehicle, 1000 uses

Discover the range

Isoli, always on the front line.

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