Why an Aerial Platform is Always Better Than a Ladder

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Why an Aerial Platform is Always Better Than a Ladder

Why Choose an Aerial Platform Over a Ladder? Find out directly from the words of our customer who, since replacing the use of ladders with our vans equipped with baskets, has achieved a significant increase in productivity and shared the benefits of success with their workforce.






Aerial platforms represent a cost-effective solution because, despite a significant initial investment, the costs are offset by having all the necessary equipment in a single vehicle for carrying out work at heights. This avoids the need to purchase additional equipment and transport heavy ladders. The time saved, especially when using aerial platforms mounted on vans that can be driven directly from home to the worksite with all the required equipment, translates into higher profitability. In fact, even a 10% increase in efficiency can lead to a 200% increase in profits.

Besides speeding up work and optimizing intervention times, our aerial platforms are built to be safe and durable. Their robust structure makes them a solid investment for the future of your business, as confirmed by one of our main customers who chose to introduce aerial platforms into their telecommunications company. Read below for our interview.

Q: Good morning, could you introduce your company and explain your activities?

A: Since 2015, we have been involved in building and maintaining telecommunications networks, providing terminal line connections for national operators. Thanks to considerable success, we are diversifying our activities to focus on clean energy and new technologies that support our operators in improving their daily lives and ensuring their well-being comes first. Our company employs 300 people and operates a fleet of 60 pickup trucks. Since we invested in aerial platforms instead of ladders, we have experienced significant growth in efficiency and staff loyalty.

Q: How has your company developed in the telecommunications network market?

A: We were the first to develop FTTH (Fiber to the Home) in France. As you know, fiber is the electricity of the 21st century. Nowadays, everyone needs this technology in their homes and businesses. In recent years, there has been a major boom in France, and now most of the country is covered by fiber.

Q: Why did you replace ladders with KLUBB aerial platforms?

A: We made this choice to provide the team with the best tool to work quickly and safely. This has almost doubled our profit margin. When I was using a ladder, time savings were very limited (and time is money), so I decided to equip my staff with vans equipped with platforms. This ensures efficiency and keeps my team safe and fit for a longer time. For example, on Mondays, I can load all my tools into the van and leave directly from home, saving not only fuel but also time and producing less CO2, which is now a priority for most companies. For us, “Smart Working” is not possible as we cannot work from home. However, what we can do is work smartly on the road.

Q: What benefits have you seen from expanding your fleet of aerial platforms?

A: With our staff equipped with the best tools for their work, they are happier, more motivated, and more efficient. All of this has increased profitability, allowing the company to offer additional benefits to the staff. We now have medical coverage that includes employees’ children, discounted access to various activities, and life insurance. These benefits help us recruit and retain hardworking and happy staff.

Q: Can you complete all your jobs with van-mounted aerial platforms?

A: Not all, but over 80% of our work is completed with the vans. Klubb is aware that these machines cannot access every space, so they designed ladder support for the remaining 20% of the work. My team is fitter and happier because they now have the option to choose. They can opt to use the ladder instead of being obliged to use it all day, every day.

Q: What are your company’s plans for the coming years?

A: Thanks to significant improvements in efficiency and staff loyalty, in the next few years, we intend to further expand our fleet. People come to work for us because they feel we are a company that takes care of its staff and shares profits with them.

In conclusion, although the initial cost may seem significant compared to purchasing ladders, the benefits and returns offered by our aerial platforms make them an indispensable asset for your business. Not only do they increase efficiency but also profits, enabling you to take on more projects and ensure a prosperous future for your company.

Our van-mounted platforms are suitable for height work from 11 meters to 15 meters. Contact us for more information, and we will organize a demonstration visit to help you find the right aerial platform for your needs.

Isoli, always at the front line.

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