What is payload ?

As an operator of aerial work platforms, the term “payload capacity” is likely familiar to you. If not, it’s a crucial aspect of your machinery that deserves attention. Nearly all manufacturers of aerial work platforms, ourselves included, frequently highlight payload capacity due to its importance.

If the concept of payload remains a bit unclear, let’s clarify it. Once you understand this key feature, your perspective on your aerial platform will undoubtedly change the next time you use it.

So, what exactly is payload? In the automotive industry, payload refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can safely carry – including the operator. A generous payload is particularly important for vehicle-mounted aerial platforms, enabling you to carry all necessary tools and equipment for your work, ensuring both efficiency and safety.

Klubb Group van mounts have been designed to allow for a large amount of payload after the platform has been mounted. This means that there is weight left for tools and equipment before the vehicle is too heavy for its weight class of 3.5t or more.