Should you buy new or used aerial platform?

As the market for used aerial platforms experiences a growth spurt, it’s worth examining the pros and cons of buying second-hand versus new.

Primary Consideration for Buying a Second-Hand Aerial Work Platform


One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a used aerial work platform is the cost, which is undoubtedly cheaper than a new one. Like any vehicle, the value of a new aerial platform depreciates rapidly, beginning the moment it’s put into operation. If cost is your primary consideration, a second-hand boom lift may be your best option.

However, when considering new aerial work platforms, there are several benefits to keep in mind


Bear in mind, the total cost of a vehicle extends beyond the initial purchase price. You must also account for fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and insurance. This broader financial overview often reveals that new aerial work platforms can be more cost-effective in the long run, as high maintenance costs can negate any initial savings from buying used. A four or five-year-old MEWP can become costly if underlying issues arise.


We offer an extensive range of Isoli models, allowing you to find the boom lift that best meets your needs. You can also equip it with any additional features you require, such as purchasing a van for secure equipment storage. An eco-friendly package, for example, allows you to work at height with the engine off, saving fuel and reducing environmental and noise pollution.


It’s important not to overlook regulatory considerations, which are continuously changing, especially regarding environmental standards. Buying second-hand may expose you to steeply increasing taxes associated with operating polluting vehicles. Used aerial work platforms that run on older diesel engines lack an AdBlue system, meaning these vehicles can’t reduce their pollution output. It’s worth noting that these higher-polluting vehicles could eventually be prohibited.

At Isoli, we aim to stay ahead of these issues by offering vehicles that comply with the latest standards. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our models.