Why aerial platform training matters?

Whether you’re scaling heights on an aerial work platform or maneuvering a boom lift, you are handling more than just lifting equipment. However, these powerful machines require more than just initial familiarity – they demand expert training.

Training: Your safety harness in sky operations

Your safety, the safety of those around you, and the efficiency of your work, all rest on a single factor – your training. We can’t stress enough: when it comes to aerial work platforms, training is not an option, it’s a necessity.

Gaining the Upper Hand: Practical Training for Aerial Work Platforms
Enrolling in boom lift training isn’t just about learning the basics. It’s about mastering the control over your machine. A key highlight of the training focuses on managing emergency situations – think of it like learning to brake your car on a wet road. The objective? To ensure you remain calm and in control during high-risk situations, helping prevent severe accidents at work.

Dodging danger: Why cherry picker training matters

Operating a cherry picker presents you with three main hazards:

  • Risk of electrical shocks, especially if you’re working with electrical networks or public lighting.
  • Possibility of collision with other objects at elevation.
  • Risk of falls, which could lead to serious injuries or even fatal accidents.

While these incidents are rare, when they do occur, the results can be devastating. More often than not, they result from incorrect use of the equipment – creating not just a tragic situation for you but also a potential liability for your employer.

As an Employer: The role you play

As an employer, you hold the prime responsibility for ensuring the safety of your team. This includes making sure that they receive regular, certified training on the use of aerial work platforms. It’s a mistake to assume that advanced technology makes training redundant.

Remember, it’s crucial that you provide comprehensive training to your employees. Letting them rest on their laurels isn’t an option. Consistent training updates their skills, mitigates risk, and assures that your team confidently scales the heights. Safety is, and should always be, your top priority.