11.4m Aerial Platform on a Compact Van KL21B

The KL21B from Klubb is an aerial work platform mounted on a van. Its telescopic arm can reach a working height of up to 11.40 m and a outreach of up to 6.80 m. Due to its minimalist dimensions, the KL21B is considered as a compact aerial platform. Designed without outriggersit enables the operator to position himself quickly in the area to be worked on. As a result, intervention time is significantly reduced compared with other types of aerial work platforms requiring outriggers.

The basket of the van mounted telescopic aerial lift is made up with fiberglass. The choice of fibreglass for the basket offers a number of advantages, including high resistance to corrosion, chemicals, UV rays and weather, heat and cold. Fibreglass is also very strong mechanically and offers excellent thermal and electrical insulation.

Thanks to its small size, this aerial work platform on a van is particularly appreciated by local authorities, telecoms and public display companies.

This telescopic aerial lift can be mounted on Renault Trafic Van, Peugeot Expert or any other compact van. This van lift can be equipped with many options to optimise its performance or the safety of the operator.



mobile workshop

Mobile Workshop

All necessary tools and equipment can be stored directly on the vehicle. This on-board storage eliminates the need for additional vehicles. It allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips, reducing downtime and improving workflow efficiency.


Compact Size

Van aerial platforms often have a more compact footprint compared to some larger, stand-alone platforms. This smaller size can be a significant advantage when working in tight or restricted areas where larger vehicles might have trouble maneuvering. The compact size also makes it easier to navigate through heavy city traffic or crowded job sites.


Reduced Operational Costs

The integrated design of these platforms often means lower fuel consumption than using separate vehicles for transportation and lift operation. Additionally, having a combined vehicle and lift reduces the need for costly equipment rentals, as well as the maintenance costs associated with multiple machines

Standard Specifications

  • Engine start and stop from basket
  • Independent emergency electric pump
  • Full proportional controls
  • Secure access to the working platform
  • Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure
  • Aluminium boom for optimum stability
  • Reinforced suspensions


  • Signalling devices
  • 220V electric socket in basket
  • Trailer hook
  • Fully opening insulated basket
  • Custom fitting out of vehicles
  • Side ladder rack
  • 420° rotation

Technical Specification

  • Working height : 11.40 m
  • Max outreach : 6.80m
  • Max capacity : (kg) 120
  • Height to Bottom of Platform : 9.40m
  • Rotation 360°
  • Basket 719 x 857 x 1130 mm
  • Fibreglass basket
  • No outriggers

To enhance efficiency, we've engineered models without stabilizers, a feature typically found on Van Mounted Access Platforms. Our van-mounted cherry pickers are meticulously designed to distribute weight evenly across the vehicle, providing stability for various operations. These cherry picker vans prove to be exceptionally useful in maintaining green spaces and other areas where overgrown vegetation might obstruct visibility or access. For instance, we have successfully marketed our van cherry pickers to professionals in the Arborist and groundskeeping sectors. Similarly, for tasks requiring work at lower heights, these vans are ideal for upkeep of signage and the installation and servicing of surveillance systems.

But these vans equipped with boom lifts offer more than just a means to safely work at elevated heights. They also afford ample internal storage space for specialized tools. In collaboration with our French partner, Mobitec France, we offer both interior and exterior customization options for your cherry picker van. Beyond merely providing a mobile workshop, we also prioritize the safety and security of both you and your equipment.

11.4m Aerial Platform on a Compact Van KL21B Isoli


Klubb van-mounted aerial platforms are a versatile solution, facilitating diverse high-altitude tasks across various industries. Key applications lie within utilities and telecommunications, where the aerial platforms assist in overhead line maintenance and installations.

In the tree care sector, these van aerial platforms are invaluable for landscaping and pruning operations. They are also crucial for facilities maintenance activities such as window cleaning, roof repairs, and exterior painting.

The van lift platforms contribute to public lighting and signage installation, offering elevated work positions. With the capacity to install CCTV and other security systems at height, the platforms also prove beneficial in the security industry.

Last but not least, they aid construction tasks and are often utilized in media production for achieving elevated camera angles. Overall, Klubb’s van-mounted aerial platforms offer flexible, safe, and efficient high-reach solutions across several industries.

Possible types of vehicles

  • Peugeot e-expert L2H1
  • Peugeot expert L2H1
    For vehicle options, please contact us before ordering

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6.80 m


Without outriggers

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