16.30m Piattaforma aerea telescopica PT160 J

Telescopic aerial platform with Jib, mounted on 3500 kg cab body vehicles. Designed for lifting people to work at height, and specifically for maintenance, construction, industrial applications. Equipped with a double extension boom lift with end jib.


Technical Specification

  • Walk-on surface height 14.30 m
  • Working height 16.30 m
  • Max outreach 10.20 m
  • Max capacity (kg) 250
  • Turret rotation 400°
  • 3.5 T Chassis Cab
  • Basket 1400 x 715 x 1100 mm
  • Basket 45° R.-H. + 45° L.-H.
  • Aluminium basket
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Stabilisation A+A Hydraulic, inclined front/rear

Additional information

Arm type


Working load

250 kg

Working height

16m to 19m


8m to 10m

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