Recovery trucks are specialized vehicles designed to tow and transport various types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, vans, and small trucks. They are indispensable in situations such as breakdowns, accidents, and vehicle transportation needs. Recovery trucks are equipped with powerful mechanisms to facilitate safe and efficient towing operations.


Easier and safer removal and breakdown towing operations with our outfitting of your recovery truck

Isoli is among the market leaders in terms of quality and design in the field of engineering, production and assembly of boom platforms for any type of recovery truck, able to guarantee removal, roadside recovery and breakdown towing operations in a totally safe, straightforward manner.

Detachable flatbed with high loading capacity – to support the weight of even the heaviest vehicles; outfitting to allow for car transport with detachable flatbed and 2nd floor, and forks in different sizes and with different technical specifications are just some of the features that will allow road and off-road recovery of any vehicle even in the hardest conditions.

Our experts, relying on our vast range of products suited to the multiple needs of international business, will be able to design and create tailor-made solutions based on your specific requirements.