22.60m Piattaforma aerea telescopica PT 230

Telescopic aerial platform mounted on 3500 kg cab body vehicles, ideal for lifting workers to work at height and, in particular, for maintenance, construction and industrial applications. The quick double extension boom lift ensures a remarkable outreach.


Technical Specification

  • Walk-on surface height 20.60 m
  • Working height 22.60 m
  • Max outreach 14.00 m
  • Max capacity (kg) 250
  • Turret rotation 400°
  • Max 3.5 t Chassis Cab
  • Basket 1400 x 715 x 1100 mm
  • Basket + 90° R.-H. +90° L.-H.
  • Aluminium basket
  • Electro-hydraulic controls in can bus
  • Stabilisation HE+HE

Additional information

Arm type


Working load

250 kg

Working height

20m to 25m


11m to 15m

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