16m telescopic aerial platform PT 160

The boom lift chassis cab ISOLI PT 160 is a telescopic aerial lift mounted on 3500 kg cab body vehicles. Capable of reaching a working height of 16 m and an outreach of 8.90 m with a load capacity of 250 kg, this aerial lift truck is perfectly designed for lifting 2 operators + their materials during installation or repairing works.

Everything has been designed to make this vehicle quick to set-up and easy to handle. Starting with its compact dimensions, ISOLI’s R&D department has worked hard to offer a smaller vehicle without compromising lifting performance and mechanical reliability. The result is right in front of you. The PT 160 is a truck-mounted aerial platform that fits perfectly to various road conditions. You will be able to perform interventions in both urban areas and on roads or construction sites.

Thus, the ISOLI PT 160 is mostly required for construction and street lights work.

This telescopic aerial platform on chassis trucks also derives its strength from its ability to withstand the test of time, more than any other platform. This is due to the addition of an aluminum protective shell on its telescopic arm. The presence of aluminum is a strategic choice as this metal helps reduce the occurrence of corrosion, even after several years of use.

In addition to that, the telescopic arm integrates a hydraulic lifting mechanism which reduces friction when the arm extends, further maximizing the lifespan of the platform.

The reduced weight of the assembly allows a great customization of the equipment by the client, according to the needs.

To compensate for its small size and lightweight due to the presence of innovative materials, the PT160 is available with dual H/H (horizontal/horizontal) and A/A (angular/angular) stabilization. This enables it to maintain stability even on complex terrains and gentle slopes. Its stabilizers thus make the work of operators safer.


Technical Specification

  • Walk-on surface height 14.00 m
  • Working height 16.00 m
  • Max outreach 8.90 m
  • Max capacity (kg) 250
  • Turret rotation 400°
  • Max 3.5 t Chassis Cab
  • Basket 1400 x 710 x 1100 mm
  • Aluminium basket
  • Basket +/- 90°
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Stabilisation H+H / A+A

Possible types of vehicles

  • IVECO 35S

For vehicle options, please contact us before ordering

Additional information



Arm type


Working load

250 kg

Working height

16m to 19m


8m to 10m

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