Kraan-en Truck Service becomes ISOLI dealer


Isoli, part of the KLUBB Group, is pleased to announce that effective immediately the current Klubb dealer for the Netherlands, K.T.S. (Kraan-en Truck Service) BV will also take the ISOLI product range in their product portfolio.

Henri Bourrellis, International Development Director of KLUBB Group, stated: “We welcome Jan van den Berg’s decision to also take over the ISOLI product range in The Netherlands, where ISOLI has been looking for a dealer for quite some time. K.T.S. has been successful with Klubb sales and service, and it is clearly an advantage for the KLUBB Group to have the same dealer sell and service both the KLUBB as well as the ISOLI product ranges. After 7 years of partnership between the KLUBB Group and K.T.S. BV, and in addition to the good relationship and success we have developed, it is obvious that K.T.S. BV becomes the distributor of ISOLI range in The Netherlands.”

Jan van den Berg stated: “We are very happy to start working with ISOLI. Over the last few months since BAUMA we have carefully checked and tested the quality of ISOLI products and are convinced that it is better than what we have been offering until now. We therefore decided to take on the ISOLI dealership. The KLUBB Group has an aggressive plan to develop new machines over the next year and clearly, it was an advantage for us to be part of this adventure.”

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